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FLO21-F: Flovac™ gas release films

FLO21-F  are multilayer  heat shrinkable range of films used for Shrink Bag Replacement (SBR). FLO21-F films are ideal for medium or low barrier applications such as cheese gas release packs and poultry.

These films use innovative proprietary technology for the FLOVAC process and are the perfect solution for packing irregularly shaped products. The unique structure enables of these materials excellent forming, sealing and machinability and with its controlled barrier, high shrink and special glass like optical properties.

FLO21-F films are available in various grades, colours and thicknesses and selection of the correct type is vital for optimum pack performance.

Features and benefits:

  • Clarity and gloss
  • Excellent EVOH barrier
  • Excellent sealability and machinability
  • High strength
  • Controlled shrinkability
  • Environmentally friendly

For full details, please download our FLO21 brochure or contact your local Krehalon representative.


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