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ViskoTeepak Fibrous Casings

Product Availability & Specifications


Fibrous ST casings possess high caliber consistency and mechanical strength contributing to more stable production process and higher yields.


Fibrous XL is a thinner casing possessing excellent stretchability and flexibility. Its strong mechanical strength allows for safer stuffing of cold salami emulsion with less rejects.


Fibrous MAX has an extra large inner bore of the shirred tube which allows for an increased diameter of the stuffing horn helping to speed up your process.

FIBROUS Brilliant

The high gloss and excellent product presentation of Fibrous Brilliant combined with the mechanical strength and clippability of the fibrous casings family help achieve great casing performance and visual appeal for your products.


Fibrous FLX is the thinnest of the fibrous casing family which allows for an increased meters per reel and strand compared to standard fibrous casings. FLX casings contribute to faster soaking times and improved transparency.


The high strength, perfectly modified adhesion and excellent release properties of Fibrous Xtreme make it the ideal solution for hard stuffing and high speed peeling applications.

FIBROUS Preserve

Fibrous Preserve are casings that possess special antimycotic properties to help degrade the outgrowth of fungal in dairy and meat products.


Collagen Replacement Fibrous (CRF) casings provide you with multiple advantages compared to collagen, including high mechanical strength, smoking capabilities, excellent shrink and stretch properties and all that whilst offering a beautiful mat look.


The Easy Glide Fibrous casing is a special development for stuffing of whole muscle and pieces of meat in artificial casings. Shirred fibrous casings allow for easy, fast and efficient operating procedures with less time consumption and labour helping to reduce breakages and significantly improve peeling properties and yields.


Large Code XL is a strong and reliable casing that allows for easy stuffing due to its increased stuffing diameters of up to 165 mm. This extension of the XL family is the ideal cost effective casing solution for hams and luncheon meat products.

*** This is a product with limited market availability, currently offered through our branches in Holland, Belgium, France, UK and Japan. ***

Product Description

Krehalon are official distributors of ViskoTeepak fibrous casings for Holland, Belgium, France, UK and Japan.

Fibrous casings are cellulose-based casings strengthened with natural long-fibered abaca paper, which combines exceptionally high tensile strength with consistent extrusion properties in a form that renders it ideally suited for sausage casings.

ViskoTeepak has the largest selection of fibrous casings in the world and can produce the widest diameter range of products from both the smallest to the largest casing diameter, all with excellent caliber consistency and curing properties.

Service support

  • Market leading shirring technologies
  • Tailor-made solutions to suit any brand and application
  • Able to supply printed and tinted casings
  • Suppliers of pre-smoked casings and Ready to Use (RTU) casings
  • Cutting, clipping, looping and pre-sticking options available
  • Rewinding and bundling converting offerings

Please check product availability and specifications below or contact your local representative for further information.


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