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Wienie-Pak Cellulose Casings

Product Availability & Specifications

Rapid Peel

Wienie-Pak Rapid Peel casings allow for easy peeling of the casing producing skinless franks even under the most demanding peeling conditions and extremely high speeds.

Printed Smash

Wienie-Pak Printed Smash helps customers who sell sausages with the casing on (without peeling) to achieve an attractive the perfect final product presentation. This casing is offered in a full range of colours so we are able to precisely match your desired design.


Wienie-Pak Window has been designed to help sausage producers detect pieces of casing in peeling operations and ensure that all fragments of casing are completely removed from the surface of the sausages after peeling.


The biggest advantage of Wienie-Pak D-Tech casings is their unique construction which allows for full automation of the detection and, eventually, the separation processes when combined with the right equipment.


Wienie-Pak Grillmark casings use a special thermal process to make the surface of frankfurters, hot dogs and similar types of sausages more attractive by creating traditional grill marks on the sausage surface.


Wienie-Pak LogoPrint casings use a special ink for blocking smoke penetration. This helps maximise brand visibility by allowing customer’s logo to be printed not only on the casings but also on the actual product.


ViskoTeepak offer high quality multicolour printing solutions to help increase the shelf appeal of your products. All Wienie-Pak casings can be tailor-made according to specific customer printing requirements to help you achieve an attractive final product.


*** This is a product with limited market availability, currently offered through our branches in Holland, Belgium, France, UK and Japan. ***

Product Description

Krehalon are distributors of ViskoTeepak ‘Wienie-Pak’ cellulose casings for Holland, Belgium, France, UK and Japan.

Wienie-Pak casings are made of regenerated cellulose that is extruded to create a strong and tough small caliber casing ideal for wieners and frankfurter type sausages. Wienie-Pak casings are smoke, air and moisture permeable and will provide customer satisfaction with consistent quality and efficiency every time.

Wienie-Pak is available in all sizes and could be supplied as a clear, transparent film or in colour. Wienie-Pak casings could be manufactured with stripes or printed and are available in a variety of lengths with different types of end closures. This product could be tailor-made according to specific requirements dependent on customer’s needs.

Please check product availability and specifications below or contact your local representative for further information.


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